Filming Chimpanzees In Budongo Forest

Budongo Forest is one of the famous Forest reserve consisting of Mahogany trees. It’s found in Murchison Falls National Park and under National Forest Authority (NFA). Chimpanzee Filming in Budongo Forest requires the filming crew to pay a fee of US$400 per person per day. Chimpanzee Filming in Budongo Forest is one of the wonderful experience since it will allow you film chimpanzees and other attractions in this forest.

Currently, Budongo Forest is protecting five chimpanzee communities namely: Sonso chimpanzee community, Waibira chimpanzee community, Busingiro chimpanzee community, Waisoke Chimpanzee community and Kaniyo -Pabidi community.

Requirements for Filming Chimpanzees in Budongo forest

Location permit – The filming crew needs location permit from National Forest Authority (NFA) to allow you carry chimpanzee filming in Budongo Forest.

Media Card РThe film makers must get accreditation from Uganda Media Council which authorizes Foreign filmmakers to work in Uganda. Then for your filming equipment will also need to be cleared with customs at the Point of Entry in Uganda. At crystal Film Fixers, we do assist the filming crew to  process both the filming permissions with Local Authorities, Uganda Media cards, Accommodation, transportation for you as well guide and help you with clearance processes at the point of entry into Uganda for a successful shoot of chimpanzees in Budongo forest.

Best time for filming chimpanzees in Budongo Forest

Chimpanzee filming can be done throughout the year however, dry season is the best. The dry season minimizes slippery chimpanzee filming trails.