Filming Tips In Uganda

Filming is one of the life events in Uganda. It involves capturing pictures in motion. Uganda is situated in East Africa and endowed with a variety of things to film. Top destinations for filming include National Parks, Water bodies, birds, animals, Vegetation, people, historical sites, birds, and so on.

Below are the filming Tips in Uganda:

When you are planning to film in Uganda, get in touch with Crystal Film Fixers Uganda to help you in all the logistics involved in the pre-stage, actual Filming stage, and post-stage.

Apply for Media card- Crystal Film Fixers Uganda is on the ground and assists you with chasing for your media cards. Each Film crew member is supposed to Fill G -Form and attach all the required documents to be sent to Uganda Media Council.

The Film Crew members also need a location filming permit or pass from the authority of the area to be filmed. An example: if filming is to be done in Uganda National Parks, the filmmakers must get a location permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Inform the authority when planning to use a drone – the Uganda government must be informed before importing the drone in Uganda. Crystal Film Fixers Uganda can assist you in the process of importing drones to be used in the filming process.

Clear filming gear in the custom:  Deal with Crystal Fixers Uganda to assist you in clear filming equipment at Entebbe International Airport.

All payments must be done in advance before coming to Uganda for Filming. Among the payments include Media council, location permit fees, filming gear clearance, and drone importation fees among others.

Employ security to safeguard you and your filming equipment. Sometimes filmmakers move with expensive cameras, money, lenses, drone, and medical kit among others.

Contact Crystal Fixers Uganda to assist you with booking accommodation and meals and so on. You are required to have somewhere to rest from during filming.