Baboon Filming In Ishasha Sector

Ishasha sector is a path way connecting Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Ishasha sector is situated in south western rim of Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda. Ishasha has a magnificent land scape dominated by Savannah woodland tree species like the huge fig trees, Coctus Trees, acacia trees and many more.

Olive baboons are widespread and common in Uganda and Ishasha sector is among the major colonies. They occur in all but the three montane National Parks and are frequently seen on the fringes of forest reserves and even along the roadside elsewhere in the country like in Busitema.

Olive baboons in Ishasha sector live in large troops with a complex and rigid social structure held together by matriarchal lineages. Males frequently move between troops in their search for social dominance.

Baboons are omnivorous and highly adaptable, for which reason they are the most widespread primate in Africa.

Requirements for Filming Baboons in Ishasha sector

Media card – All the film makers are required to apply for media pass that authorizes foreign journalists or film makers to film in Uganda.

Location card – Since ishasha sector is under Uganda Wildlife Authority, film makers must sign filming contract with UWA.

Filming equipment like cameras, Camera stands, extra camera cells and lenses among others. However, Crystal Film Fixers Uganda is ready to assist you in custom clearances and all other arrangements necessary for successful film making.