Local Film Fixers

Who is a local Film Fixer in Filming?

A film fixer is someone who organizes interviews, location permits, transport, accommodation and location scouting. Film fixers can also be called “Local Fixers” who prepares everything needed for effective filming. He or she arranges accommodation, permits, security, food, water, signs filming contracts on behalf of the filming crew and so on and forth.

Roles of using local film fixers

Local fixers are well informed about the location the filmmakers chose for filming. He or she can do advance scouting or pilot study with out difficulties.

They are easily trusted by authorities to sign contracts on behalf of foreign filmmakers.

They are on ground and easily welcomes foreign filming crew and assist them in clearing of film equipment to be used in the process. Local film fixer has contacts of clearing agents at the airport and at the boarder post.

They can make good selection of accommodation in terms of Hotels, Lodges, camps and so on. They are on ground and can easily compare different accommodation and advise accordingly.

Security is very important during filming so, the local film fixer can book security guards in advance. The filmmakers will determine the type of security needed; in Uniform or not? Armed or not depending on what the filming crew wants.

Local film fixers represents filmmakers before arriving in the country, he signs filming contracts, purchases filming permits.

They are responsible for hiring or renting filming gear if the filming crew miss them or they can instruct to hire a few missing items

Press or media accreditation – essential document needed by all foreign filmmaker before allowed to carry out filming activities.