Olive Baboons In Uganda

They are beautiful and amazing creatures found in Uganda but also in other few African countries. In Uganda, olive baboons can be found in Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls national park, Semuliki National Park and Busitema among others.

Olive baboons lives in large troops for security reasons and hunting tactic. The major predator of includes leopards, python, man and so on.

Other baboon species in Africa include yellow baboon, Hamadryas baboon and chacma baboon.   Other primates in Uganda include Black and white colobus monkeys, white -tailed monkey, blue monkeys, Golden Monkeys, chimpanzees and above all Mountain Gorillas.

Olive baboon Feeding culture

Olive baboons are omnivorous and selective when feeding. Rarely, olive baboon feed on small animals like rabbits, antelopes etc. They are powerful, move in troops and ever ready to hunt.

Characters of Olive Baboon

When near water sources, olive baboons can drink water everyday or in two days but they can also survive for long periods by licking the night dew from their fur.

They leave their nest early in the morning at around -After coming down from the cliffs or trees, adults sit in small groups grooming each other while the juveniles play.

Just like chimpanzees, olive baboons are also intelligent and are capable of using tools like stones, sticks to get termites, root crops and so on.

When they begin to mature, males leave their natal troops and move in and out of other troops.

Baboons sleep, travel, feed and socialize together in groups of about 50 individuals, consisting of seven to eight males and approximately twice as many females plus their young.

Baboons prefer safe sleeping places in either tall trees or on cliff faces. When water is readily available, baboons drink every day or two, but they can survive for long periods by licking the night dew from their fur.

The major predator of Baboons is the human being because they can cause injuries to them. They are more aggressive when attacked.