A film crew is a group of people employed or hired by the production company to produce a film or pictures in motion. The Film crew works hand in hand with the production company to make ends meet in film production. The Filming team, filming group and filming crew work tirelessly to capture good motion pictures.

Filming crew dressing

It has been said that for a professional look, wear a button-down shirt or a blouse. For pants, to stick with khakis or dress pants! But in this generation of millennials, professional is defined by what is comfortable not what the white-collar chaps define as professional. What matters is ensuring comfort to deliver the necessary shots. But regardless of the need to maximize comfort, you need to put in mind the weather patterns of the place where you will be filming.

For the case of filming in northern Uganda, ensure to dress light because it is relatively hot that side. Yet if you are going to go gorilla filming in western Uganda,  then you should plan for a dress-code that fits 20cc temperature. However you also have to put in mind the weather forecast, and the season of the year. Its recommended to plan your filming in June or September. These are relatively moderate months yet with good weather.

 Filming crew Fixing

The major role of the filming crew is to capture photos and films. Each Filming crew member should be in position to have a good focus on the scenes to ensure excellent filming production. The crew member is therefore supposed to move on camera to the position where he or she can record good films.

The quality of the films plays quite a big role in the video editing. No video editor loves working on clumsy unclear films. It actually makes his work harder. To ensure a smooth flow of team work, the filming crew should ensure that all the shots are crystal clear. Sometimes when you compare the cost effective of carrying your own full filming crew team and simply hiring the a filming crew, you sometimes find that it is easier to hire a full filming crew or sometimes to source out part of the crew.

This is where Crystal fixers Uganda comes in to offer you the support to need in sourcing a team of professional filming crew. Whether you need simply a person to help out on cutaways or getting main shots; Crystal fixers Uganda is well connected to ensure that this job is well done. We work hand in hand with a team of professionals who think and live photography and filming.

With the the influx in television stations; many professionals in Uganda have been gifted with space to exercise their talent through working on documentaries, movies, music videos as well as T.V shows. It is these kind of professionals that we source for you to ensure that at the end of the day, we exceed your expectations.