Security factor is so vital when carrying out filming in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi. Crystal Fixers Uganda is hereby letting you know that organizing security for production company is among the major services we offer. When contacted through email or telephone, we shall immediately respond however, the production company must state reasons why they need security.

In most cases, the filming crew or the production company needs security because it’s a mandatory requirement from the insurance companies that insures filming equipment. Before compensation for any loss, the insurance companies first carry out investigations and do confirm beyond a reasonable doubt that a risk was inevitable.

Another reason why filming crew need security in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi to safe guard the filming producers and their filming gear. Some of the gadgets used in filming are too expensive and you can’t risk missing security guards.

To give us a go ahead, we need a formal letter from the production company stating the kind of security they need, reasons for filming, when do they need it? Where to use security and for how long? Then we the film fixers shall forward your details to the security agencies; whether you need Uganda police or Private licensed security company, with guns or without guns, in uniform or without uniform; just contact Crystal Fixers Uganda.