Filming On Kazinga Channel

Kazinga channel

Kazinga channel is situated in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The channel connects Lake Gorge and Edward and its famously attracts a number of wildlife which frequently visit to quench their thirsty. Queen Elizabeth national Park is situated in western Uganda and the second largest park in Uganda after Murchison Falls National Park.

To Film on Kazinga channel, foreign journalists are required to get a media cards from Uganda Media Council (UMC) and location card from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The Kazinga Channel in Uganda is a wide, 32-kilometre (20 mi) long natural channel that links Lake Gorge and Lake Edward.

Kazinga channel is famous for hosting the largest concentrations of hippos and numerous Nile crocodiles in the world. Lake George is a small lake with an average depth of only 2.4 metres (7.9 Ft.) and which is fed by streams from the Rwenzori mountains. Its outflow is through the Kazinga Channel which drains into Lake Edward, water levels fluctuating very little.

Things to Film on Kazinga channel

Wildlife Filming along Kazinga channel:

A lot of wild life is found lingering at the shores of Kazinga channel while others in waters of Kazinga channel. Filming on Kazinga channel can be done during game drive or boat cruise. A lot of animals keep on the shores while drinking water while the water mammals like crocodiles, Hippos and monitor Lizards can be filmed while on boat.

Filming Hippos on Kazinga channel:

Kazinga channel is also known as the pool of Hippos, the boat will offer you a clear platform for filming Hippos on Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National park. They spend most of the daytime in the waters of the Kazinga channel and they leave water usually at night to feed on the grass in Queen Elizabeth National Park. On record, Kazinga channel has got the highest concentration of hippos in the whole of Africa and therefore fore this makes it population large thus making it a great filming destination for hippos.

Filming crocodiles on Kazinga channel:

You need to hire a boat in order to film crocodiles on Kazinga channel. While on the boat, visit the colonies of crocodiles to take pictures in motion. Just like Hippos, crocodiles are water loving mammals because they send most of their time in waters and thus co-exist with Hippos in Kazinga channel waters. Alternatives, you can seek rangers advise to let you know when crocodiles come out of water for sun bathing on kazinga channel banks.

Filming birds on Kazinga channel:

Over 60 species of birds along the Kazinga Channel that can be seen during the boat cruise and these include; African skimmer, Stork, Black bee-eater, Pink-Backed Pelicans, Long Tailed Cormorants, Kingfisher among so many others. The channel is therefore a great place for tourists who love bird watching.

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