Filming Nakasero Market In Kampala

Nakasero Market is situated in the heart of Kampala city. The market has served Ugandans since 1895. The vibrant and often chaotic market offers insight into local life and serves as a stark contrast to the embassies and elite hotels that surround it. Most of the items sold in Nakasero Market include fruits, cereals and other food stuff among others.

Fresh produce can be purchased in the the large outdoor section, while the indoor portion specialises in clothes, machinery, and souvenirs.

To foreigners, its recommended to tour the market with a local guide to overcome the language barrier. If visiting independently, you can pick up well-priced souvenirs or fill your bag with fresh fruit. Look out for fast food vendors selling fried grasshoppers.

Things to Know before Filming in Nakasero Market

-If you are a foreign journalist or filmmaker, secure your media accreditation as early as possible. This is when crystal Film Fixers Uganda comes in to assist you in processing. More so, film crew fixers will need security to safe guard your filming gear, accommodation booking, scouting and so on.

-Nakasero Market is a commercial hub that provides insight into local life in Kampala.

-Remember that fresh, locally-sourced produce won’t keep as long as store-bought stuff back home.

-The labyrinthine market can get hectic, so it’s worth exploring with a local where possible.

-Bartering is expected; be sure to bring smaller notes. Its important to jot down some information.

-As with any city market, be mindful of your belongings. That is why Crystal Fixers Uganda empathizes on deploying security to safe guard.

How to Nakasero Market

Nakasero Market is situated in the city center, you can reach the market on foot, taxi or boda-boda (motorbike taxi). City tours offer hassle-free navigation between Kampala’s central attractions.