Elephant Filming in Uganda

For many years, elephant species have been devastated by poaching in Uganda, human -elephant conflicts and diseases among others. However, through Uganda wildlife  Authority, the exhaustion of elephants has been controlled creating a fertile ground for elephant filming in Uganda. Big stocks of elephants are seen in Kidepo Valley National park, Murchison Falls National park and Queen Elizabeth National park thus a must visit by film makers.

Elephants are intelligent, sociable, affectionate animals. There are over 5,000 elephants in Uganda today and this has happened due to UWA effort to control poaching, human encroachment in wildlife reserves, and the fact that elephants have few or no predators.

Requirements for filming elephants in Uganda

Filming contract – Since all the parks are managed by UWA, Crystal Fixers Uganda as your film fixer will sign contract with UWA on your behalf. However, you will need to send us what exactly you want to film, where and when to film and reason for filming among others.

Filming kit clearance – Crystal film fixers Uganda as your ground film fixing company, shall clear your filming equipment in the customs or at every entry point. More so, if you want to import the drone together with other equipment, inform us in advance since it requires advance clearance.

Media card/ pass/ permit/ media accreditation – its a mandatory requirement for all foreign journalist working for a given company or freelancer. contact crystal film fixers Uganda to manage all media card processing along side other arrangement.

The following are eligible of applying for Uganda Media card:

  • Journalists working in media enterprises
  • Freelance journalists
  • Photojournalists
  • Bloggers
  • Camera Men
  • Students pursuing media, journalism, and communication studies

Requirements when applying for a media card:

  • Applicants must fill out in full Media Council of Uganda Form G.
  • Attach a Clearance letter/Certificate of good conduct from Interpol in the applicant’s country of origin (for applicants in countries without an active Interpol office a certificate from the National Police and a cover letter from the applicant’s embassy in Uganda vouching for the applicant and explaining the difficulty of obtaining Interpol Certificate).
  • Attach a letter of introduction of the journalist/media worker from the employer.
  • Attach a copy of identity card issued by employer.
  • National Identity Card (where available).
  • Copy of Passport with validity for the term of accreditation applied for (must avail copy of page showing visa).
  • Two-color passport-size photographs.
  • Pay accreditation fees.

Best time to film elephants in Uganda

Crystal Film Fixers Uganda organizes elephant filming throughout the year however, dry season is the best. Dry season occurs from mid- December to Late February and June to August.