Filming In Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is situated in south western Uganda between Kisoro and Kabale districts. Lake Bunyonyi is believed to be the deepest lake in Uganda and Africa at large. The recorded depth of Lake Bunyonyi is 144ft and 2952ft. On record, Lake Bunyonyi has 29 historical islands with lots of attraction to see. Its amazing to spend the overnight at one of the island located on this Lake. Lake Bunyonyi is famous for hosting many birds thus the name “Bunyonyi” in local language (small birds).

Things to Film on Lake Bunyonyi:

29 Islands – each island on Lake Bunyonyi has different historical back ground and heritages. The major islands are focused on by Film Makers includes; Bushara Island, Akampene Island, Kyahugye Island, Bwama and Njuyeera (Sharp’s Island) and Bucuranuka = Upside Down Island.

Birds – Over 200 bird species can be found here – Pied kingfisher, Malachite kingfisher, Cinnamon-chested Bee eater, Bronzy sun bird, Pied wagtail, Grey shrike, Grey crowned crested crane, Hadada ibis, Swamp fly catcher, Black heron, Great cormorant, Fan-tailed widow bird, Streaky seed eater, Speckled mouse bird among others.

Boats and Canoes -There are engine driven and canoe boats to film on LakeĀ  Bunyonyi. You can simply visit the lake and see the parked boats and those sailing on water.

The Batwa pygmies – The Batwa pygmies settling on different islands can be visited on boat. Meet them in their community, enjoy their traditional music, dance and drama, listen to their stories, take films/photos among others.

Beautiful scenery – the shores of lake Bunyonyi are colonized by beautiful scenery. Filmmakers are expected to be busy while at Lake Bunyonyi.