Film Fixing & Photography In Uganda

Film fixing is one of the major tourist or media activity in Uganda. Film fixers have a variety of things to film in Uganda. Some of the things for filming include:

  • National parks and Game reserves.
  • Relief
  • Water Bodies
  • Wild animals
  • Birds
  • Vegetation
  • People
  • Towns/ cities and so on

Local film makers however doesn’t need a media cards to carryout filming in Uganda however, they must pay for the location filming permit. Location filming permits are obtained from local authorities and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in case filming is to be done in National Parks or game reserves. On the other hand, foreign filming crew requires both media accreditation from Uganda Media Council and location permit from local Authorities where filming will take place.

Reasons for filming in Uganda

There are several reasons why to carry out filming in Uganda and in this article, lets mention a few:

Uganda is gifted with a variety of attraction for filming. Among the attractions which can’t miss filming include Wild animals, birds, mountains/hills, vegetation, people and cities among others.

There are many professional film fixing companies to do advance arrangement; accommodation booking, pilot studies, Media card processing, organizing security and clearing of film gear in customs among others.

Uganda is peaceful to facilitate filming activities – ever since the end of 1986 war that brought NRA government into power, the country has been peaceful to welcome travelers in Uganda.