Filming Colobus Monkey In Uganda

In Uganda, Colobus monkeys dominates the tropical forests. Its on record that Uganda has the highest number of primates and 13 species of primates are found in Kibale National Park including Colobus monkeys. Budongo forest is another destination with a large number of colobus monkeys plus Mabira forest.

Filming colobus monkeys in Uganda requires the following;

  • Media card per each filmmakers – Media cards or press accreditation is issued by the Uganda media Council (UMC) and applications are done in advance. Once you are granted permission to film in Uganda (If your are a foreign journalist), then embark on other film safari arrangement. However, it is advisable to deal with a local film Fixer agency to assist you in Media card processing, Security, accommodation, clearing of filming equipment among others.
  • Location card – Film Fixers Uganda is here by helping you attain location card for each film crew member. Location cards are issued by the local authority where filming to take place. Just like Media card, Location card/ contract are signed in advance. Filming Colobus monkeys in Ugandan national Park requires the production company to sign a filming contract with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).
  • Clearing of Filming equipment – Film crew members may wish to import filming equipment like cameras, binocular among others.

The best way to get clear shoot is to use cameras with no flash because flashy photographing is scary to colobus monkeys. More so, the filmmakers must be able to walk at high speed to be able to capture unique moments. On peaceful days, colobus monkeys spend most of the time in lower branches of the trees and shrubs. Its advantageous in such a way that, photographers are able to capture clear pictures in motion at close ranges.

Colobus monkeys do fight to protect their territories from being intruded by predators. Chimpanzees, leopards, pythons and man are among the predators scaring colobus monkeys so, filmmakers are cautioned to be very careful when taking films of these creatures barring in mind that we (Men) are considered as predators so, the colobus monkeys can run away on seeing humans. It should be noted that many of the colobus moneys in Uganda are not habituated and thus not familiar to human being.

Colobus monkeys do not gain much weight; a male weighs about 13 kilograms while female up to 9 kilograms.