Filming Hot Springs In Uganda

Hot springs are volcanic features known for splashing warm water or hot water. The groundwater is heated either by shallow bodies of magma or by circulation through faults to hot rock deep in the Earth’s crust. In Uganda, there are two prominent places where you can film hot springs;

  • Semuliki National Park – Sepaya Hot springs
  • Bushenyi district – Kitagata Hot Springs

Filming Sepaya Hot Spring in Semuliki National Park

Sepaya Hot spring is found in Semuliki National park which is situated in western Uganda (Bundibugyo district ). Its a less visited National park in Uganda however, its occupied by lowland tropical forest and famous for hosting a variety of unique bird species.

Semuliki National park hosts the female hot spring called Nyasimbi and the male one called Bintente and crystal film fixers Uganda hereby advising filmmakers to capture motion pictures of both the female and male hot springs.

Uganda wildlife Authority rangers will a company you to film hot springs in Semuliki National Park. Female Hot springs is dominated by the a geyser that spread water to a height up to 2 meters and a male spring offers a pool of hot water.

Sepaya Hot springs water reaches a temperature of 100 degrees celicius. Film makers will as well make experiments of boiling banana fingers and or eggs. Taste well cooked banana fingers and boiled eggs and enjoy your lunch.

Filming Kitagata Hot springs

Kitagata natural hot springs are situated in Bushenyi district about 350 kms west of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The Hot springs, Ekitagata, where the township and the administrative area derive their name from provide one of the nice attractions to any visitor to Kitagata in Bushenyi district. Two big springs lie adjacent to each other 1 kilometer from the Kitagata trading centre and have water to temperatures as hot as 80 degrees centigrade.

Water from Kitagata hot spring is used as local herbs that cures skin diseases among others. One hot spring is famously known as Mulago while another is called Ekitagata kyomugabe, meaning the hot spring for the king of Ankole. Mulago is national referral hospital in Uganda, while Ankole is a sub region in Western Uganda.

Requirements for filming Hot springs in Uganda

  • Foreign film makers or journalists must inform crystal FilmĀ  Fixers Uganda in advance through email or Telephone calls.
  • Crystal Film Fixers Uganda will assist you in the processing of the media cardsĀ  and location cards of each film maker. Media cards are obtained from Uganda Media council.
  • You will also require location cards and since semuliki National park is under Uganda Wildlife Authority, the film makers must sign filming contract with UWA.
  • Clear Filming equipment/ gear at Entebbe Airport and at the ground boarders
  • Book accommodation for the filmmakers
  • Security etc