Things You Must Have To Do Filming

Film fixing activities in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo need adequate preparation so, below is the list of the things you must have to do filming in Uganda.

Filming Permissions – filming permits in Rwanda cost $30 and valid for 15 Days and $50 valid for 3 Days the permit is strictly issued by Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture. Then for your filming equipment will also need to be cleared with customs at the point of Entry in Rwanda. General filming ranges from USD250 to USD300 for a whole shoot. Filming in Uganda National Park requires you to sign a filming contract that will allow you to shoot your video or documentary in Uganda.

Democratic Republic of Congo has no specific location permitting system in place however, Congolese film fixer negotiate all required permits based on the specific needs of each shoot.

More so, filmmakers should also clear filming kit in the customs, apply for visas ad location permit among others. Do you need any of the listed services, just hit on our contact us form – fill in the necessary information to send us an email.

Be Patient – the process of securing media accreditation requires some patience because of a long proceed. Alongside media cards, apply for location cards, filming contract with UWA, accommodation and so on. For that case.

Client’s Budget – Look into your budget and save enough money for accommodation, security, filming permits and media council cards among others. Crystal Fixers Uganda is ready to do pre- filming work in advance.

Local film Fixer company – you must deal with local film fixers to do advance arrangements like location scouting, accommodation booking, transport, Security and filming permits among others.